Monday 8 August 2016

US Green Party Convention Adopts an Ecosocialist Position

The US Green Party is holding its convention in Houston, Texas. The city was chosen because of its association with the oil industry, which is causing so much damage to the climate. The slogan is "Houston, we have a solution."

The party voted in favour of adopting an anti-capitalist position and in favour of a decentralised vision of ecosocialism. A big moment for Green and ecosocialist politics worldwide. Take note the Green Party of England and Wales.

"This new platform plank removes the old wording entirely and addresses the economic inequalities, social inequalities, and productivism of both capitalism and state socialism and emphasizes grassroots democracyin the workplace. This workplace grassroots democracy has been largely absent from the Green platform, and many believe it is the way forward for a truly ecological economy and a new system."

The full Proposal 835 can be found here:

Andrea Mérida Cuéllar, the National Co-Chair of Green Party, said, “The themes of the left that we saw develop in the early parts of the 20th century are timely again because of the economic, social and environmental upheaval wrought by late-stage capitalism. Even though these themes have been co-opted by the political center, it's clear that the working class in this country is ready for revolution. As the true left discusses reform vs. revolution, the Green Party is now uniquely positioned to finally be the electoral tactic of grassroots movements…we are now ready to finally become the party of the 99 percent and be worthy of the attention of an anti-oppressive and leftist worker cadre.”

Jill Stein's full acceptance speech from the Convention on August 6.Stein accepted the Green Party's nomination for president, as well as addressed issues such as the prosecution of whistleblowers, campaign finance reform, student loan debt, and more.

Elijah Manley, a 17 year old who ran for president as a Green Party candidate, at the Green Party Convention in Houston, Texas on August 6, 2016. Manley discussed his transition from being a Hillary Clinton supporter to a Green Party presidential candidate. He also touched on his platform, which includes single payer health care and cutting the military budget in half.

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