Sunday 12 March 2023

Ecosocialist Alliance - Gearing Up For ‘THE BIG ONE’!

Ecosocialist Alliance has released a statement, reproduced below. 

The Ecosocialist Alliance is a campaigning group which promotes ecosocialist and ecofeminist solutions to our ecological and social ills. We are internationalist and stand firmly with the global south in seeking ecological and social justice.  

We reject ‘green' capitalist ‘solutions' which - because of capitalism's constant drive for infinite growth and accumulation - are incompatible with creating an ecologically sustainable planet and a socially-just world.  Thus, we support climate movements and actions which help move us to an ecosocialist future. 

The Ecosocialist Alliance in England and Wales supports Extinction Rebellion’s call for a mass protest in London beginning 21st April. 

Currently, the award-winning film ‘Finite: The Climate of Change’ is touring the country.

After each showing of the film, there will be a Q & A panel discussion - with representatives from local XR groups, as well as the film’s director. This has become part of a nationwide tour to build numbers for XR’s April protest.  

In addition, local XR groups are carrying out various outreach events - on the streets and in meetings - in order to sign-up people for going down to London. 

As a result, Extinction Rebellion are planning for at least 100,000 people to arrive outside Parliament on Friday 21 April - and/or on the following three days - in what’s being called a “multi-day show of strength of citizens which will be impossible to ignore.”   

This protest has one central demand: for the government to end all new fossil fuel licences and funding.  In addition, XR is also calling for those who deliberately hid and/or undermined climate science - simply to continuing making profits - to be made to pay reparations. 

Taken with XR’s recent actions in reaching out to the trade union movement and joining picket lines, and the formation of the Just Stop Oil Coalition, the signs are there that the UK’s climate movement is moving in a more radical direction as regards ‘System Change.’ 

This is something ecosocialists should welcome, support and help develop. 

With XR having temporarily paused disruptive protests, the April climate event will be one where there is no risk of arrest, which - given that climate protesters have recently experienced unfair trials and draconian punishments - should encourage a big turnout for that weekend. 

 As XR says: “Everyone is needed. Groups and movements must unite to survive, to transform together, address inequality and restore the living world.” 

So…now’s the time to #ChooseYourFuture: Will you be there?

Ecosocialist Alliance is organised by Green Left, Left Unity and Anti-Capitalist Resistance, in England and Wales. 

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