Sunday, 21 September 2014

Photos from today's People's Climate March - London

I would say maybe 20,000 people were on the People's Climate today. A very diverse bunch the marchers were too. There were many home made placards in evidence, and in some ways reminded me of the big anti-war march of 2003.

There have been marches all over the world today in advance of the climate talks in New York on Tuesday next week.

Time is running out, we need real action now.

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  1. Hi, Mike

    I'm sorry to cast a damper on the matter, but I left the march before it really got started — but not before I'd been standing/walking so slowly that I got an ache where my shin joins my foot.
    I don't reckon the march organisers were really experienced at march organising, and especially not marches that are really accessible for people with various disabilities.
    So I suppose we could say that my spirit was willing, but the march organising was weak and certainly had too high a ratio of marchers per steward as far as I could see.
    Swheatie of the KUWG