Friday, 13 July 2018

Trump London Protest - Photos and Report

There were two protests in London today, over the visit of US president Donald Trump to the UK. The Women's March was first assembling at 11 am outside the of the BBC in Portland Place in London and and marching to Parliament Square in the afternoon. The second protest marched from the BBC also and rallying in Trafalgar Square.

Big numbers attended for a Friday afternoon and evening, and some of the people I spoke to suggested that the way Trump has gone about insulting our Prime Minister and London's Mayor, so far, had swelled the numbers today. Trump has been extremely rude, considering the government have gone to great lengths to make him welcome. He arrogantly said in an interview in the Sun newspaper that he had man-splaned to Theresa May how she should go about Brexit negotiations, but she had ignored his 'advice.'

In London especially Trump is not popular at all. Londoners are rightly proud of the the city's diverse culture, a complete anathema to the president of the US. Here are some photos from today in London.

In the morning the Trump baby blimp was launched in Parliament Square. It drew a large crowd of protesters and tourists.

I was working when the Women's March and rally took place, but this photo is from The Guardian. Look at the huge numbers, estimated to be about 100,000 women.

The blimp made an appearance later in the day at Trafalgar Square. Like the president, it appeared to enjoy being the center of attention.

Trafalgar Square was packed, with people spilling out onto the surrounding roads, which were closed to traffic. The square holds about 50,000 people, but as I say, all the surrounding roads were also full. People came and went during the day, so there could well have been over been hundreds of thousands attending.


There was indeed a carnival atmosphere.

There was a visible police presence, with thousands hidden away in side streets, but all was peaceful whilst I was there.

A punch bag Trump.

Unfortunately I couldn't get anywhere near the stage, but a great day.

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