Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Ecosocialist Alliance to Protest at COP26 – Ecosocialism not Extinction

The Ecosocialist Alliance, which is organised by Green Left, Left Unity and Anti-Capitalist Resistance, based in the UK, but is open to all who take an ecosocialist view, will be demonstrating for wide ranging systematic change at COP26. The COP26 climate conference begins on 1 November and runs to 11 November, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The climate crisis can no longer be paid lip service to, it has already begun. Recent extreme weather events, floods, droughts, wild fires, record high temperatures in the Artic Circle and hurricanes increasing in frequency and intensity, are the harbingers of worse to come.

At the previous 25 conferences, national government’s pledges have been completely inadequate for the task in hand, amounting to some window dressing and highly optimistic reliance on techno fixes. This 26th event is likely to be not much different from its predecessors, so this ambivalence to the plight of the planet, must be challenged by the people of the world. The capitalist system, which must by its very nature, grow or die, is unable to solve the climate crisis, which is why nothing substantial will emerge from COP26.

The Ecosocialist Alliance will have a presence on the People’s Assembly national demonstration at the ruling UK Conservative party conference on 3 October in Manchester. There will be a banner, pictured above, and comrades will distribute a newspaper which can be used on a placard.

The COP26 Coalition is holding a Global Day of Action for Climate Justice with worldwide and across the UK events on 6 November. Ecosocialist Alliance supporters will join many events in towns and cities across Britain. We will form an ecosocialist bloc at the Glasgow and London events, have our banner at each event and again distribute our newspaper.  

We will also publish a statement ahead of the conference detailing our demands. We released a similar statement ahead of this year’s G7 conference, which attracted a fair amount of support in the UK and internationally.

We may also arrange some virtual meetings around COP26.

This climate conference needs to set in train measures to mitigate the climate crisis, but it will not. There are too many powerful vested interests that want to, more or less, maintain the status quo, for much in the way of significant actions to be agreed in Glasgow.

Ecosocialism not Extinction.

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