Wednesday, 13 May 2015

London Green Left Statement on Jenny Jones comments about Zac Goldsmith

There has been a debate arising from the Evening Standard’s report of Jenny Jones’ remarks about some Greens supporting Zac Goldsmith as second preference in the forthcoming London Mayoral election. At present it is not clear if Zac Goldsmith will stand, or indeed who the Green candidate might be or who else might stand from other parties or as independents.

London Green Left believes that all members of the Green Party should campaign to seek the victory of the GP candidate.  Left Greens, whether in Green Left or not, ought to attend the London Federation of Green Parties  meeting which will be held at Development House (7.30 - 9.00pm) on Monday 18th May 2015 to express a view on the mayoral campaign, possible candidates and their selection and the campaign for the London Assembly which will also be running next year. All London Green party members can attend London Federation meetings.


  1. The original Evening Standard piece reffred to can be found at

    The writer assumes that Jenny Jones has consulted widely within the Green Party and that the Green Party is 'a lobby' rather than a political party.

    Those can be dangerous asumptions to make.

    Dude Swheatie of the Kilburn Unemployed, writing in a personal capacity

  2. not sure why comments are not showing

  3. Surely by stating we Greens might second-preference vote for a Tory (environmentalist?) we are passing a shot across Labour's bow that they should not take our second preference votes for granted and if they want Green votes then they should work for them by adopting many (if not all) of our policies.
    I won't use my second preference vote unless the Labour candidate promotes annual Land Value Tax. Christian Wolmar, (the environmentalist and railway journalist) is the only candidate in Labour's mayoralty hustings who has so far supported our Green policy for an annual Land Value Tax.