Sunday 10 January 2021

UK Green Left Invitation to form a United Ecosocialist Front for COP26

Green Left, the ecosocialist grouping in the Green Party of England and Wales, has launched an initiative for a unified ecosocialist response to the COP26 United Nations climate change conference, in November, in Glasgow, later this year. All those parties, groupings and individuals who take an ecosocialist view, are welcome, and indeed encouraged to join together, and amplify our collective voice.

Under the social media radar, Green Left members have been using their contacts in the wider ecosocialist community in the UK, and internationally. Although, a message has been posted on a couple of ecococialist Facebook groups. This is a formal, public invitation to join with us.

I can report already, that several political parties in England and Scotland have been contacted, and some I know for sure are discussing our proposal. Also, many individuals from the UK and around the world have expressed an interest in supporting this initiative. It will take a little time for decisions to be taken in other parties and groupings on whether they to want participate in this, which is of course understandable. I am hopeful though, that we will come together.

I can also report that Green Left has decided to affiliate to the Global Ecosocialist Network (GEN). My understanding is that GEN are not yet planning any specific actions in the UK around the conference, but perhaps if our on the ground initiative is successful, then we might be the local arm of the international ecosocialist response to COP26?

Should our collective form, it is important to stress that any decisions on actions to be taken before and outside of the conference, will be up to those who want to take part. Green Left is just trying to get this started. I hope, at the very least, a joint press release can be agreed, setting out our position, to the public, not those taking part in the conference itself. As with all the other 25 COPs, greenwash solutions will emerge.

We reject such evasions and call for an ecosocialist approach, which is likely to include a just transition for the Global North and South, to a new, ecologically rational economic system. But this is only a suggestion, at this stage.

Come and join us in protesting for a viable plan to tackle the climate crisis. And please share this post with any likely interested parties, groups or individuals.

COP26 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from 1 to 12 November, 2021.

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  1. GPEW Policy Fest is on this week and there was a zoom meeting about this today.

    1. This not about GPEW Robbie, this is about ecosocialism, and potentially much bigger.

  2. Hi there, love to see some activism happening on this climate crisis - there is still a lot of democratic debate to be had still. To that end, I would like to learn the perspective of advocating for the Ecosocialist movement? And how would you say this fits in with other alternatives to development/growth such as Degrowth? Again, great initiative and we need more people - like you all - taking action.

    1. Hi Jamie, if you look around this blog, there are many posts about ecosocialism, I think some about degrowth. Degrowth is a bit of a controversial subject for ecosocialists, as many of us see a different kind of set up, where growth in the traditional sense would not be necessary, as it is under capitalism.

  3. Interesting initiative. Let's get sharing to bring in as broad a reach as possible (cross-party, no-party, international etc) to help facilitate those important democratic debates. It would be great to combine high-level policy discussions with insight into practical action on the ground.