Tuesday 19 January 2021

Ecosocialist Front for COP26 Starts to take Shape

Green Left’s invitation to form a United Ecosocialist Front for the United Nations COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, in November this year, has  started to materialise. In the UK, two ecosocialist political parties, Left Unity and Socialist Resistance have agreed in principle, to participate with Green Left in this venture.

Socialist Resistance are trying to form a broader ecosocialist organisation called the Anti Capitalist Resistance, with a founding conference on 31 January. Green Left and Left Unity have submitted a joint application for a workshop at the From the Ground Up conference in March this year.

If accepted, the workshop will be entitled ‘Just Transition, Pandemic and Poverty.’ This is the first tangible example of cooperation between separate ecosocialist organisations in this initiative. The symbolism is important as a genuine gesture of solidarity and goodwill. Thank you to Left Unity for their offer.

We hope that other organisations will also join with us in the coming weeks and months.

Many individuals in the UK have also expressed an interest in this initiative and likewise we hope more will follow.

The plan at this stage is to explore ideas for areas that we can cooperate on in the run up to and outside the Glasgow COP26 conference as a next step.

Internationally, we have been contacted by two organisations who have an interest in this initiative, the Global Ecosocialist Network and the Green Ecosocialist Network, an ecosocialist grouping within the US Green party. Green Left has now affiliated to the Global Ecosocialist Network, and hope to have a presence at their next on line meeting on 14 February.

Again, many individuals internationally have contacted us to express an interest. I must admit, that we hadn’t given a great deal of thought to the international dimension, but we should have done, as there is a clear potential for it here.

It would be good if people internationally, contributed some ideas on how this could work. Either in the comments section of this post or by emailing us at the contact address below. How might the local campaign in the UK link in with the global ecosocialist response? I’m sure there is some scope.

Please do share this post with any likely interested parties, groupings and individuals.

COP26 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from 1 to 12 November, 2021.

Contact - ukgreenleft@gmail.com

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  1. This is good news. We need unity on the Left and especially across Eco-Socialist groups. CoP is a great opportunity a build this alliance and I urge Green Left to work on this. Mark Douglas, Hackney Green Left