Friday, 26 June 2015

It's time to Take Back the City

Notwithstanding my support for whoever the Green party candidate is....

Take Back The City is a growing movement in London. We are workers, residents, students, teachers, artists, families and migrants. The movement is built on people’s stories, experiences and visions of the future; people who love this amazing city but yet often feel unrepresented, forgotten and unwelcome in it.

We are told time and time again that ordinary Londoners are benefiting from our city’s success but the reality is that it's the wealthiest 1% that holds all the power that is reaping all of its rewards.

We can see that the decisions made by corporations, bankers and politicians are making London increasingly exclusive and unaffordable. We are being pushed aside as community and youth centres are closed and welfare spending is cut. Many of us are struggling to survive as we are priced out of our homes and forced to turn to food banks.

Meanwhile politicians and the media are attempting to turn us against each other with propaganda about immigration and benefits scroungers.

We can reclaim what we love about London only by coming together. Together we will come up with a set of demands that will make London a place for all of us.

Taking Back The City means not being ignored by the 1% and the politicians they fund. It means re-imagining and re-building London in a way that is better for all of us. It means opening our eyes to the common problems we face, and raising ourselves up to the collective challenge of confronting them.

To Take Back the City, we need all the help we can get. Sign our declaration, contribute your demands and vote for the changes you think most need to be made in London. Join our group and help us build this movement. Take Back the City is for everyone who sees London as a home and not an investment opportunity.

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