Monday 25 August 2014

38 Degrees Campaign To Fight TTIP

38 Degrees members across the country are signing up to a day of action against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal on Saturday 30th August.

TTIP is the largest free trade agreement ever negotiated and it threatens to be the greatest transfer of power to transnational capital in a generation. The ISDS provision included in the current negotiation of TTIP allows corporations to sue governments for any acts (ie laws) that may affect their future profits, such as banning poisonous additives to petrol,  as was the case in Ethyl vs Canada via NAFTA , the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. There is no equitable access to justice in ISDS, that is, governments cannot sue corporations within ISDS.

A long list of NGOs and watchdog organizations question why these negotiations are being done in secret, increasingly, as all their worst fears are being confirmed by sporadic leaks.

TTIP is a hugely influential trade deal currently being negotiated between the US and the EU. 38 Degrees members will be leafleting and talking to their neighbours, forcing this deal into the spotlight. 

Put pressure on the government to fix or scrap this deal that could enshrine privatisation of the NHS and other public services, and would let businesses sue the government for putting people ahead of profits.

If you enter your postcode here you will be put in touch with other 38 Degrees members making plans for the action day on 30 August


  1. In North West London the GMB has called for a campaign of opposition in a motion passed last month:

  2. "Surely the huge insult to the average intelligence embodied in the TTIP proposal is the brazenness of that bunch of bureaucrats and politicians who call themselves the EU in seeking to negotiate under wraps a complete sell-out to the most capitalist country in the world.

    I'm all for the European project in terms of its original ideals but if it is now manifesting itself as an agency for untrammelled capitalism then I'm out!"


  3. The corporate welfare policies of the EU are a problem, but I think you find the likes of UKIP who want our withdrawal from the EU, would sign the UK up to TTIP in a flash.

  4. We can agree "the corporate welfare policies of the EU are a problem", but what does what the likes of UKIP do have to do with anything?

  5. What I mean is, just leaving the EU wouldn't guarantee us not to sign up to this treaty.