Saturday, 16 April 2016

Report and Photos of the People's Assembly Demonstration London

On a cold and intermittently rainy April Saturday in London, the People's Assembly march and demonstration drew 'tens of thousands' according to media reports. The organisers claimed 150,000 people attended the demonstration.

Personally, I think there was probably about 20,000 to 30,000, but it is always hard to tell with these events. It was a vibrant and diverse gathering and the DJ in Trafalgar Square played some classic grooves, whilst we were awaiting the marchers.

Despite the weather, a feel good factor was in evidence and over in one corner of the square, it was like a party, dancing etc.

There was no trouble, and I did think that the use of a police helicopter was a waste of tax payers money. How much must it cost to fly these things, and to what purpose?

Anyway some photos of the day.

Romayne Pheonix of Green Left and the People's Assembly

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