Monday, 7 October 2019

Autumn International Extinction Rebellion Begins – London – Photos and Report

On Sunday 8 people were arrested after the police’s Territorial Support Group officers broke in and raided an address in south London. Equipment to be used today at the start of Global Extinction Rebellion, was taken away by police, but rumours quickly circulated that much of the equipment had been smuggled out of the back of the building.

After the protests in April, the government declared a climate emergency, but other than setting a distant net zero carbon emissions target for 2050, have done next to nothing. Real, urgent action is needed.

Today 12 locations in Westminster in central London were taken by the rebels, with traffic blocked around the Houses of Parliament, although emergency vehicles are being allowed through the road blocks. 

Early on Monday morning, police stopped and searched anyone looking like a protester around Westminster underground station. By late morning police had moved rebels off Lambeth Bridge, but rebels decamped to either end of the bridge, effectively closing the route. The police said that 135 people had been arrested by early afternoon on Monday.

It appears that the police have been told by the government to take a stronger line, than they did back in April, but the rebels say their numbers are five times bigger than in the spring. 

The London rebels are broadcasting live on radio here

This is a blockade at the north bank of Lambeth Bridge, rebel blocked the south side of the bridge, too.

This blockade at the junction at Horseferry Road and Marsham Street was set up about 100 metres back from Lambeth Bridge.

This lorry was parked in the middle of Marsham Street, outside of the Home Office.

Rebels got out of the lorry and chained themselves to the underneath of the vehicle.

                                          A 'tent city' was quickly set up.

A kitchen serving vegan food was also set up. The rebels are in this for the long term. Two weeks of disruption are planned in central London.

An inspiring uprising has been started by the rebels. It was good natured, and has been well organised. Power to the people!

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